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I am here to support you on your journey towards deeper connection with yourself, your body, your intuition, and your capacity to give and receive love. I am here to help you rediscover and claim your deepest longing. My clients work with me because I hold expansive space that invites vulnerability and ignites inner strength, I connect the dots quickly, and I am a catalyst for growth. I love to find ways to reclaim our time, energy, and sovereignty in service of moving beyond old stories that drain our lifeforce and keep us stuck in old patterns. I love working with women who followed all the rules, checked all the boxes in search of love, happiness, and success, only to find themselves disenchanted. I am here to help you start breaking the rules, become your own authority and align with your own values.

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I am your guide for a six-week self-love journey to reclaim your connection to yourself, sisterhood, and the infinite potential of the divine feminine. Experience the magic and support of sitting in circle while exploring various themes and expressions of love. Our 90-minute weekly gatherings incorporate guided meditation, inquiry, sharing, deep listening, breathwork and movement practices (asana) to ground, expand, and experience loving presence. If you feel called to sit in community with powerful, dynamic women, we welcome your unique energy, experiences, and voice into the space. 


I am a licensed attorney and certified mediator, and the legal route is not always the appropriate path for the resolution of disputes. I envision a world where someone considering divorce or facing a contentious business dispute is asked not "do you have a lawyer" but "how can I support you?" To that end, I offer conscious mediation services for partners in marriage and business to explore breakdowns in the relationship. I can help you clarify points of contention, reflect on the possibilities and expand your perspective, and clarify your path forward. For those considering divorce, I offer consultations to help you understand the legal landscape for litigated and non-litigated divorce, what potential experts may be needed in a divorce proceeding, and ways to minimize the impact of divorce on children.

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