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I am a seeker deeply committed to my own healing and evolution in service of living a nourishing, sustainable, vibrant life that is full of love. I am passionate about reclaiming my sovereignty and supporting others on their path. I am deeply connected to the land and to animals, constantly learning and exploring the depths of my inner world, and I have a deep appreciation for ancient and indigenous cultures and traditions. 

I have practiced yoga and been deeply committed to personal development for many years. In 2019, I decided to commit my life - all of my attention and energy - to my yoga practice. I had checked all the boxes, done everything "right", yet I was deeply unsatisfied. Deep down, I knew that there was so much more to life. I decided to stop going outside of myself for the answers and journeyed inward. I quit my job, bought a ticket to India, and committed to studying yoga at the source. It was the most loving thing that I could imagine - leaving my career in law and following my heart to India. I trusted something I couldn't see or explain, but that I could feel. 

Since returning from India, I have harmonized my passion and my work. I am passionate about making transformative change and supporting others do the same in order to live a life they have reverence for. After 13 years of serving corporate and legal clients from all walks of life, from indigent criminal defendants to the C-Suite of the Fortune 100, I now bring my results-driven, practical approach to my work as a coach, facilitator, and teacher. This is balanced with my grounded presence, knowledge, and skill in working beyond the mind, with the body, energy, and spirit. My offerings support individuals to identify and honor their needs, find and use their voice, take up space, and to access and reclaim their power. My clients are empowered by my presence to feel safe and to show up vulnerably.


My offerings are holistic; mindfully and intuitively curated to address the mind, heart, body, and spirit, and to take you beyond your perceived limitations as to what is possible. They incorporate the teachings of the Himalayan Yog-Vedantic lineage, including the Himalayan Kundalini and Kriya Traditions, as taught by Anand Mehrotra. My coaching and classes are infused by the energy work that I practice, having been trained and initiated into Shoden Level I and Okuden Level II in Usui Reiki Ryoho in Melbourne, Australia and Santa Cruz, California, respectively. 


In addition to my deep reverence and appreciation for Yoga and Reiki, I also acknowledge that they come from cultures that I was not born into. I recognize that it is my privilege as white Western woman that allowed me to access the teachings in the ways that I have. I am a humble student of the Eastern religions, traditions, and teachings that I share, and I am constantly striving to do so in a way that honors the cultures from which they originated, rather than appropriating them. I continue to study and deepen my Sādhanā under the guidance of my Guru, Anand Mehrotra. I study the ancient yogic texts, attend Satsang, and revisit the teachings of Mikao Usui. I keep myself in check by seeking guidance from South Asian yoga teachers on the issue of cultural appropriation and reading articles and books on white supremacy, cultural appropriation, and how to honor the roots of these teachings. Accounting for my humanness and acknowledging that some of the best lessons are ones that I learned through failure, I welcome mindful feedback around how I can grow in this area, as well as the opportunity to consciously discuss these topics.


Finally, if you've read all this and don't feel resonance, I am happy to share the names of some teachers and coaches that I would recommend, both in India and the West. 

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